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Lighting Vulnurable Community by Solar Power: (Nov 10, 2010)

In the donation and support of International Company and National organization the vulnerable and low caste community has been lighted by solar power. The 22 household of Hile Village has got free source of light because the National grid line has not been access.

Improve Cooking Stove research study in UNSW: (Nov 2, 2010)

Suprabhat Basnet a founder member of RECED has got an opportunity to work with a group of engineer student in University of New South Wales (UNSW), to improve the existing improve cooking stove which is currently using in Nepal. A year long study has been conducted by 15 engineer students. An extensive report can be viewed here: view all news

Offsetting CO2e.

RECED is reducing CO2e by combining renewable energy technologies while benefiting rural community of Nepal. White snowy mountains turned into black stoneThe project has been funded by Sustain Ltd, UK.

  • According to a report on BBC, there are 3,250 glaciers in the Nepalese Himalayas, and 2,315 of them contain glacial lakes that are increasing in size at varying rates due to global warming.

  • The melting of glacier ice along its slopes due to global warming is making it increasingly difficult to climb the peak. Apa Sherpa, 20 times Mt. Everest climber.


Internship & Research Program with RECEDInternship & Research Program with RECED

We offer exclusive internship program on renewable energy technologies. You can work, study and research and gain first hand experience.More...

Community Support Program:
SHS distributionRECED runs community based program to uplift the livelihood of the rural people via renewable energy technologies. Under this program 30 SHS has been installed.


ICS installation Program:
ICS installation programSupport of Cambridge University, Engineer Without Boarders UK and Nigel Vaz, students lunch a huge project in Baglung. Under this program 370 ICS were constructed & more then 20 women were given professional training to construct.

Support a family with clean lightSupport a family with clean light

“I did not believe at first that Sun can give a light at night, now I can see the proof at my home with this bright light. It is amazing!” More...

Sally Hayes,
I enjoyed volunteering with RECED.  I had lot of fun while installing the solar home system in remote part of Nepal, and gave me a satisfaction when I More...

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