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Lighting Vulnurable Community by Solar Power: (Nov 10, 2010)

In the donation and support of International Company and National organization the vulnerable and low caste community has been lighted by solar power. The 22 household of Hile Village has got free source of light because the National grid line has not been access.

Improve Cooking Stove research study in UNSW: (Nov 2, 2010)

Suprabhat Basnet a founder member of RECED has got an opportunity to work with a group of engineer student in University of New South Wales (UNSW), to improve the existing improve cooking stove which is currently using in Nepal. A year long study has been conducted by 15 engineer students. An extensive report can be viewed here: view all news


  • 5 Bio-gas installed in Nuwakot, Thansingh Village. (Click here for photos)
  • Solar system installed in community hand-made paper factory in Baglung.
  • 400 improved cooking stove constructed in Lekhani VDC.
  • 5 Solar Home System installed in Lekhani.
  • Computers, printers and laptop donated and powered by solar power in Gorkha school.
  • One solar system installed in Gorkha school.
  • 22 solar home system installed in Ghami, Baglung.

Research program:

  • Cambridge university student Nizel Vaz did potentiality surver in Nuwakot and Baglung for the bio gas and improves cooking stove.
  • Cambridge university ms. And ms case study of the improve cooking stove in Baglung.
  • PHD student Ms. Long Sengh form University of New South Wales research on renewable energy particularly in solar.