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Lighting Vulnurable Community by Solar Power: (Nov 10, 2010)

In the donation and support of International Company and National organization the vulnerable and low caste community has been lighted by solar power. The 22 household of Hile Village has got free source of light because the National grid line has not been access.

Improve Cooking Stove research study in UNSW: (Nov 2, 2010)

Suprabhat Basnet a founder member of RECED has got an opportunity to work with a group of engineer student in University of New South Wales (UNSW), to improve the existing improve cooking stove which is currently using in Nepal. A year long study has been conducted by 15 engineer students. An extensive report can be viewed here: view all news

Board Members

SuprabhatSuprabhat Basnet is founder of Renewable Energy for Clean Energy and Development (RECED). He has completed his Masters in Community Development (MCD) from Southern Cross University (SCU), Sydney.

Mr. Basnet has a decade long experience in rural community development and technology transformation, especially in solar energy.  He has been directly involved with different communities of Nepal under United Nation Development Projects, Nepal Governments programmes, different Embassies and International Universities to uplift the rural communities.

He has gained different training like social mobilization training, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Use of Renewable Energy Technologies, solar general installation and maintenance training. All the trainings are vividly useful to run any kind of development programmes.

He has installed more then 1,000 Solar Home Systems (SHS) across the Nepal under different projects. He is eligible to install the SHS in Nepal and certified by CETVET in Solar photovoltaic installation. 

His dream is to understand the mystery of all religion for the ultimate freedom of mankind. 


Fran CrottyFran Crotty is a co-founder of Renewable Energy for Clean Energy & Development (RECED). Professionally she works for the State of Minnesota as the Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels Team Leader at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in the U.S.  She also serves as co-chair of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, International committee.

She has been volunteering over the past 10 years in Nepal, Cambodia, Tanzania and Guatemala.  Her primary focus is working with local people to reap the many benefits by using renewable energy technologies.  This includes a strong interest in pairing solar electricity generation with local economic development.

Her dream is to help people while protracting the environmental condition of the world.